3 fall drinks you need to sip on right now

Being freshly 21 in the fall season is very exciting for me because I can finally teach you guys some things without getting in trouble, lol. All jokes aside I think fall drinks are the best and I am so excited to share some recipes for you to try out! Nothing neats a cozy, boozy night cap as your curled up on the couch, c’mon.

  1. Mulled Wine

This one is a staple. Mulled wine is so easy (especially when you use a slow-cooker like I do) and is generally a crowd pleaser.

  • Combine 2 cinnamon sticks (or more if you really like the fall spices), 2 star anise, about 4 whole cloves, 1 cup of honey (you can use maple syrup or any other sweetener you want too!) and one sliced orange to the crockpot
  • add one bottle of dry red wine and 1/4 cup of brandy for an extra punch
  • cook on low until hot and then when you want to serve, lower to warm.
  • if you want it less bitter, peel the oranges. If you want it sweet add more sweetener. It’s all very customizable and you can find what works for your tastes!

2. Boozy Apple Cider

This one is like stupid easy but I love it so much. You can make your own apple cider (I don’t do that I am not Martha Stewart) or you can buy apple cider (The Publix Brand never lets me down).

-I put the gallon of cider into a large pot and bring it to a boil, adding more cinnamon and maybe some cloves if I am feeling extra fall.

-Next, I take the gallon off of the stove and add as much fireball as I can without dying. You literally do not taste it so this drink is dangerous.

Serve warm in a mug or freeze ice cubes of it to make into a slushie ( great for us Floridians trying to have an autumn experience).

3. An Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned’s scream cozy lounge vibes with smooth jazz playing in the background as the fire goes. No? Just me? Oh well, either way here’s my dad’s recipe that never fails,

  • Put a sugar cube into a glass and put 2 dashes of angostura bitters on it
  • add 1 1/12 oz. of your favorite bourbon to that
  • add a few dashes of plain water
  • make sure everything is pre-chilled.
  • twist an orange peel to release the oils over the top of the drink
  • garnish with a blackberry

That’s all I’ve got for today! They’re all tasty and super simple! please drink responsibly. Cheers babes!

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