How to subtly nod to your favorite fandoms when decorating

I am not ashamed to say I am a big fan girl of many things. I love pop culture, I love feeling like I belong to something, and when a movie or musical artist make an impact in my life it means a lot to me. Life is to short to not be emotionally invested in things that make you feel good right?

As I’ve gotten older, posters of one direction are a bit out of my style now, but I still love to have things in my space that make me happy, remind me of the things that inspire me and I have emotional connection to. Here is how I introduce things into my space that are nods to some of my favorite movie, artists, and more.

  1. Minimalist poster

I love a good minimalist poster. It makes my space look chic and clean, but can still have imagery of things I love. I recently bought this Hogwarts Express poster and I adore it. I will link it below but it ties into all of the colors of my new room without being Harry Potter merch right in your face. I also like to make my own posters, I made a Young Edit poster as well as a “Mischief Managed” poster to hang in my room with my own fonts and colors so they are completely in tune with my aesthetic. You can do this in word or Canva and you can find minimalist posters for just about anything you can think of on Etsy.

Poster Link:

2. Themed Books

I am a big lover of decorative coffee table books. The Vogue ones are so chic and there are so many different ones that can resonate with your space if you’re not into anything specific. I like themed ones. There are Etsy sellers that sell ones like Avengers Guides or Potions Recipes that look very chic on a shelf or table, but if you look closely, they’re related to your favorite films or shows. It adds subtle personal touches all over the house that those who known the things you love, will also appreciate,

Link to book:

3. Color schemes

The way you decorate with color can be a way to design your house with your favorite fandom in mind. Think the color schemes of the Hogwarts houses or maybe barn doors similar to The Hobbit. There are many ways to do this and I suggest just looking up on Pinterest “(blank) color scheme for home)”.

4. Actual Furniture

Think: The leg lamp from Christmas Story or the couch in Central Perk from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There are many replicas or similar styles of many iconic pieces of furniture you can buy that fit with your theme and give a sense of familiarity from your favorite movie. Try not to over do it and make an exact replica of a set but it can be cute when done in a limited way!

5. Vinyl Wall

I did this in my own room and loved it. I bought vinyls from all of my favorite artists and movie soundtracks, took the record out and into a slip, and hung up the vinyl covers. I think it looks so cute and allows anyone visiting to get a deeper sense of who you are and what you like without actually saying too much. 10/10 would put more up on my wall.

I hope you liked these little tips and don’t hesitate to send me your little nods to fandoms around your home! There are still many ways you can decorate with movies and music in mind but these are just the ways I have done it in my room.

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