Current Amazon Jewelry Favorites

I have found out recently, that I actually enjoy jewelry. I like to change out my earrings and my necklaces because I wear the same like 5 clothing pieces anyway, so I might as well spice it up. I think jewelry is a really fun way to show personality and add really special details to any outfit. I never really feel complete without at least earrings on. Here are my favorite jewelry pieces you can get on Amazon.

  1. Gold Initial Necklace

I really wanted a chunkier necklace to wear layered with my dainty necklaces on top of thick sweaters. Very specific, I know. I adore this necklace. I think it’s right on par with my aesthetic, it’s really great quality, comes personalized, and you can choose the size of the chain. Here’s the link:

2. Gold Stacking Rings

There’s not too much to say about these other than they are chic, good quality, and super cute stacked up on your fingers. I think they really elevate a look and add really feminine touches. Heres a link:

3. A multi-pack of various earrings

I think this is single-handedly the best jewelry i have found on Amazon for under $20. It comes with 15 pairs of earrings. That includes various studs and hoops. The hoops clasps are really nice and they don’t turn your ears green! They come in gold and silver and you can pick a certain theme for all of the earrings. 10/10 recommend. Here’s a link:

4. More gold earrings

These are so lightweight, but they look really chunky and chic. I love them so much, see influencers wear them all of the time, and cannot stop wearing them.I think they look super cute with a low bun or a high neckline on a shirt or sweater. Here’s a link:

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