My top 5 favorite tiktokers

TikTok can be a very toxic or cringe-worthy place, as we all know. I didn’t like the app at first because it was all of the popular clickbait and a lot of popular TikTok “stars” that I just can’t get behind. Then, my for you page started showing me creators that fit my aesthetic, give me content I actually enjoy, and make the app an amazing place to be inspired. Here are my top 5 creators that I think you should follow if you like this blog and my aesthetic or if you are just looking for some well-made content!

  1. @rendagrella – Renata Dagrella

Renata is a 23 year-old working professional in New York City. She makes content about her work days, how much she spends, how she got her job, and fashion inspiration. This is the ideal kind of content I want to see! She is so inspiring and teaches me new things every day. As someone who wants to go be a professional in New York or another major city, it is really great to see someone who does what you want to do and makes it realistic.

2. @viluong – Vi Luong

Vi is a self- described “digital big sis” and I adore her content. She shows you how to pose in Instagram photos, build your feed, style your hair, outfit ideas and everything in between. She inspires me daily for Instagram content as well as what I should be wearing. All of her videos have a welcoming vibe and it’s honestly just really great content.

3. @spiritedLA

She’s a bartender with a retro vibe and I cannot stop watching. As many of you know, I think the art of bartending and actually craft cocktail making is so cool and such an important skill to have. She teaches you how to make so many creative cocktails and how she keep sup her pin-curls and old Hollywood feel. She teaches you how to make syrups, use a bar kit, decorate a bar cart, and so much more. Highly recommend you try something of hers if you are 21+

4. @astoldbyzozo – Zozo

I am a big visualization kind of gal. I love to daydream, think of my future life, and visualize the goals I have set for myself. Zozo makes content that allows you to calm down for a minute, visualize a perfect scenario, and inspire yourself. She is a bit spiritual, which i also like because there is nothing but positivity flowing on her channel. She gives you reassurance, tells you to believe in yourself, and gives you the tools you need to be happier. I would also recommend her channel if you have anxiety because it is so calming.

5. @bestdressed – Ashley

I actually followed Ashley on TikTok because I am huge fan of her YouTube channel. She is our generations top fashion content creator. She turns out looks with a mix of high-end clothing as well as thrifted pieces. She is super relatable, very funny, and introduces you to fashion in a way that isn’t overwhelming or scary. If you are looking to learn more about fashion I highly recommend starting with any of her content. Also, her Instagram feed is a dream.

Let me know who your favorite TikTokers are and if you have any accounts that you think I would like! Happy watching!

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