My Top office must-haves

I, as well as many of you, now work and do school from home. It’s a big change and I am still adjusting to having to be in the same spot all of the time. It’s a little uninspiring if I am being honest. I decided to turn a spare room into an office for myself and my roommates and it is now my favorite room in the whole house. Here are some of my top office supplies and things you can add to your space to inspire you and making working from home a little more fun.

  1. Laptop stand

I found myself hunching over a lot and losing my posture after working at my laptop for a few hours. I bought a laptop stand and it changed everything. It allows me to have way better posture which allows me to work for longer and it is honestly just way better to read things and do work. 10/10 recommend for your desk. Here’s the one I have:

2. Study room ASMR videos

Lately, my sister and I have been putting on Hogwarts themed ASMR study room videos and they help me focus so much more. I used to listen to music or the TV as I worked because I hate silence and never realized how bad it was for my focus until I started playing these videos in the background. The sound of pencils on parchment, rain hitting a glass window, a fire blowing, and the distant hoot of an owl make studying a little more magical. Here’s our favorite ones:

Hufflepuff study session:

Studying in Hogwarts ASMR:

3. Mechanical keyboard

Along with the laptop stand, it can be kind of difficult to type, so I purchased a mechanical keyboard and mouse. This allowed me to type on a way bigger keyboard (with the satisfying clicks!) and it’s easier on my wrists for long-term use. If you’re into gaming or type a lot, I totally recommend getting one because it helps a lot and it’s just more fun to type!

4. Candles

I feel like this is self-explanatory, Candles make everything so much cozier and it’s a total vibe in the study room. Check out bath & Bodyworks: Flannel, Apples and Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice

5. Seasonal decor

For fall we have a witch/candy corn/ghost garland that hangs along the window, felt pumpkins at the work stations, a little cinnamon broom in the corner, and lot’s of other little fall pieces of decor. This, again, makes everything very cozy and makes me want to be in the study mood. It adds excitement and nostalgic feeling. I suggest Target for any Halloween decor!

6. Vision boards

I have written about these before but I want to tell you again, go make a vision board! When I get discouraged it helps me so much to look up at what exactly i am working for. The life and job I want, the outfits and vacations I can take when I make a lot of money from working, the people I want to meet. It helps immensely to keep your goals in mind while working, and it helps even more to see them.

Happy studying!

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