Best things to eat in universal – orlando

Hello lovely foodies. I just got back from Universal and frequent the parks probably once a month if I am up in Orlando for school and once every other month if I am not. theme park food can be amazing or literally the worst. Here are my tried and true favorite items that you can get on Universal property:

  1. Cheddar, bacon, and scallion waffle – Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store (Universal)

We all love spooky things and tasty things so this combines the best of both worlds. As you make your way through the tribute store filled with spooky scenes from movies such as “Beetlejuice” or walls of masks from your favorite iconic movie killers, you’ll find yourself at a food counter. This had themes doughnuts, hotdogs, and even jelly hearts that were beating. The one thing that caught my eye was the waffle filled with savory things. It’s super soft, has a lot of flavor, and comes with maple syrup for a sweet and salty mix. I highly recommend for a quick bite between the Mummy and Jimmy Fallon ride! The store is super cool and filled with a ton of Halloween decor and nods to previous Halloween Horror Night Adventures.

2. Earl Grey Tea and Lavender Ice Cream – Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour (Universal)

I kid you not, this is my favorite ice cream on the planet. It’s really light and refreshing without being too floral or boring. I add chocolate chips on a waffle cone and it’s perfect. It really puts you in the feels like you’re in actual Diagon Alley.

3. Dirt – Voodoo Doughnuts (City Walk)

Try everything from this place. Dirt is just my personal favorite. It’s a raised doughnut covered with vanilla icing and tons of Oreo crumbles. It’s always delicious. I also recommend you try the HHN “IT” or the Grape Ape if you are feeling adventurous. There are so many different kinds of doughnuts mixed with vegan and gluten-free options that there is something for everyone in the family. They are also super generously priced.

4. Gnocchi – Vivo (City Walk)

Vivo is a really great Italian place that’s reasonably priced and has a lot of really tasty options. They make all of their pasta in-house and the atmosphere is great. The gnocchi comes in a cream sauce with mushrooms and spinach and I add grilled chicken for extra protein. It’s really delicious and the gnocchi is really well made. I totally suggest going here for date night!

5. Boursin Burger – Cowfish (City Walk)

I don’t eat burgers very often but when I do I am going to Cowfish. The Boursin burger is my personal favorite because it’s their signature delicious beef patty but with creamy Boursin brand cheese on top. It’s simple, but effective.

6. Butterbeer- Harry Potter Wizarding World Carts (Universal or Islands of Adventure)

I feel like this doesn’t need explaining. It tastes like cream soda with a butterscotch foam (I will pay someone so much money to teach me how to make the foam, please). I would recommend getting the frozen butter beer simply because the texture is lovely. It’s a must-have when you visit the Harry Potter Universe.

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