Unconventional Life lessons you should know

There are life lessons that every person has learned throughout their lives, for example, don’t mix your colorful laundry with your white laundry or you’ll have pink laundry. I was thinking about all of the non-traditional life lessons I have obtained and learned throughout my 21 years, and figured I had some wisdom to share!

  1. Pack an extra outfit for vacation, you will never be happy with the set original outfit you picked up
  2. Wear comfy shoes unless you absolutely have to dress up
  3. Invest in shoes, jewelry, and your teeth
  4. Always carry extra tampons/pads for women who need them
  5. Be nice to wait staff, like seriously
  6. Always send flowers if someone does you a favor, or just because
  7. Don’t order steak any more done than medium
  8. Cap your candles, the smoke ruins the smell
  9. Don’t machine dry Lululemons
  10. Take your nail polish off if it is chipped, it’s not a cute look on anyone
  11. Give your dogs a hug every time you see them, no matter what
  12. Always say goodnight to your parents
  13. Make your coffee at home, unless it’s a seasonal drink
  14. Do research on plants before you buy them
  15. Always look at the reviews
  16. If you want something pricey, wait a day and if you’re still thinking about it, go for it
  17. Get your school work done in the morning, you won’t want to do it later
  18. Get your workout done in the morning, you won’t want to do it later
  19. Drink water, it actually really helps
  20. Go to the doctor once a year, just because we’re young doesn’t mean we are invincible
  21. Say yes as often as possible
  22. You’re never sad when eating a charcuterie board
  23. Learn how to make a solid charcuterie board
  24. learn to make at least 3 classic cocktails
  25. Watch the sunrise whenever possible
  26. Set alarms, even for naps
  27. Don’t post illegal things on social media, finsta or not
  28. If you get a beta fish, don’t keep him in a bowl, get a good tank, it’s still a living thing
  29. Life is too short to pretend you’re not in a fandom, It’s ok, everyone has their thing
  30. Don’t take yourself to seriously, really, it’s not that serious
  31. You don’t live to work, you work to live so learn how to relax
  32. Save on rent, you don’t need a mansion as a college student
  33. Roommates are the best if you find the right people, live with them for as long as possible
  34. Don’t hide anything from your friends
  35. Celebrate your friends achievements, we’re all going through it
  36. Learn how to drive in a big city
  37. Ask you Uber driver who they are looking for and don’t get in the car unless they say your name
  38. Don’t pull all-nighters to study
  39. Listen to your grandparents when it comes to cooking and gardening
  40. Be grateful every single day

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