Things you can do to upgrade your laptop style

You guys know this, but I like things to be aesthetically pleasing. All areas of my life are curated to be pretty and bring me joy because why do anything the boring way if you can help it? I work on my laptop for hours every single day so I like to have a cute background, organized folders, and things just done in a nice way. Here is how I keep my laptop cute and more enjoyable to use everyday.

1. Laptop case

I feel like this is a given. i don’t like a bare laptop, it gives me the same feeling as a naked phone. I like to choose single colored laptop cases and match them with my AirPods or notebooks. Is it excessive? yes. Does it bring me joy? also yes. Here’s where I got my light-blue laptop case.

2. Mechanical Keyboard and mouse

I talked about this in a previous blog but my mechanical keyboard might be my favorite purchase of 2020. It has old typewriter style keys and it’s a bunch pf different shades of pink and white! The matching mouse is also pink! With my laptop stand, it is so much easier to wirelessly connect a mouse and keyboard for long-term use as it it better on my eyes and posture. It makes me so happy and honestly typing is so much easier and faster. Here’s where I got mine.

3. Wallpaper

Every laptop comes with a desktop wall paper. It’s usually a generic, but pretty landscape photo. I like to change my desktop background frequently between mood boards, quotes, or things that inspire me. i like to match the colors to my case or keyboard and everything just looks so uniform and ready for work. I like to use Pinterest to find some: Type in “[favorite color] desktop wallpapers” or follow me on Pinterest @mxdisonyoung and checkout my laptop wallpapers folder! You can also make your own in Canva if you’re looking for something really specific.

4. Color coordinating folders

I always match my folders to my wallpaper. I think it adds something really nice and it never seems to look as cluttered as the default blue color. I use the app “Folder Color” for mac but there are other ways to change the color if you Google it! You can also make folder icons little emojis or symbols but I find they get lost that way for me.

5. Organization

For me, organization is the key to success. I have a remote internship which requires a lot of documents, 5 classes that all require typed work, and run a blog and social media that both need a lot of folders and documents. I like to have key folders which are: work, school, blog, film, study/organization. Within those are more folders. I have Instagram posts, sponsored contracts, old class folders, and anything else you can think of. I then add main folders to the desktop for every class I have and label them “Class F2020” for fall 2020. I also have a vision board F2020 and the only free-roaming document that stays on my desktop is my resume. I just find it easier that way.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you found some helpful tips or tricks along the way!

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