little ways to give your space new life

I am a big fan of changing my space. I really like to crate new energy, and with being home so often during the pandemic and working from home, it’s really beneficial to my mental health to change things up. Here are little things I do pretty regularly to change up my space and breathe life into the stale feeling of a room.

1. Fresh Flowers/Plants

Having something to take care of and bring real life into a space is great. I really love having fresh flower arrangements and low-effort greenery in my bedroom and office. This allows me to get up every morning and really appreciate nature and beautiful, living decor. I would recommend devil’s ivy, Philodendrons, and Dieffenbachia. I would also recommend roses or lilies as i think they last a very long time and they are always beautiful.

2. Leather paint

I got bored of my grey leather headboard and pink leather ottomans so I bought leather paint and painted them. It was so cheap, really easy, and totally changed the whole vibe of my room. You can order the paint here.

3. Mood Boards

You have heard me talk about mood boards so many times, you should’ve known it would be on here. Mood boards are a compilation of photos and quotes tat inspire you. I put aesthetic pictures of homes, places I want to go, outfits I want to wear, and people that inspire me on mine. I make a lot of them all the time so that I am constantly reminding myself that there is so much out there and so much for me to achieve. Check out my mood board in Pinterest:

4. Rearrange your furniture

Duh. I feel like this is the easiest way to bring new energy to a space. Change your perspective and your daily routine by moving everything around. There are so many possibilities and it keeps things interesting.

5. Throw Pillows

So simple, yet so effective. I use throw pillows as a form of seasonal decor as well as just brining the room together. I haven’t really made my bed if I haven’t put the throw pillow on. They’re a really easy way to introduce new colors and seasonal themes. I really like Targets selection, especially for Christmas time.

6. Lights

Ok hear me out, I hate how most people decorate with LED lights. It can be done in a very tasteful way though. If you have a lifted bed, putting a strip around the bottom creates such a nice, airy glow and it feels very chic, not fraternity basement vibes, you know? My favorite color to have it on is light orange because it’s almost like all around candle light.

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