10 easy last-minute halloween costumes you probably already have

Yes, halloween is canceled this year. It’s very sad and disappointing but it doesn’t mean we can’t make the most out of it! You can dress up with roommates or your family and still have a good time and get some insta pics in! Here are 10 easy costumes you probably already have at home!

1. Deviled egg


Things you need:

  • yellow marker
  • white t-shirt
  • devil horns
  • eye liner

There you go! You’re a deviled egg!

2. Among Us character


Things you need:

  • all one color outfit (what’s your go-to among us color?)
  • props for your favorite task in the game (like card swiping) or fake blood if you want to be the imposter
  • temporary hair color to match the outfit
  • optional: astronaut helmet

Ta-da! you’re the imposter!

3. Deer (i’m sorry I know this is so basic)


Things you need:

  • make up
  • optional: antlers, SFX bullet wound if you want to get gory

Look up tutorials for how-to! This was super popular a few years back

4. Hogwarts Student


Things you need:

  • sweater with you house colors
  • tie with your house colors
  • wand
  • any other Harry potter props you might have

Are you sure you’re not skipping potions class to be here?

5. Modern-day Disney Princess


Things you need:

  • Make-up inspired by whatever princess you choose
  • Dress or shirt the color of your princesses dress

Better head home before your carriage turns back into a pumpkin!

6. ‘Werk Force”


Things you need:

  • “sexy” or funny versions of any trade job
  • Props for the costume (think plunger for a sexy plumber)

Uh, I think my sink is broken can you come fix it?

7. Off – duty super hero


Things you need:

  • T-shirt with you super hero logo
  • Normal clothes with a zip-up hoodie slightly showing your hero emblem
  • Any props (think web-shooter for spider-man)

Leave the function with an irish good-bye, the bat signal was calling you!

8. Your parents

Things you need:

  • your parents clothes
  • Make-up to do facial hair or any other outstanding features

Stress your dad out even more by making two of your mom!

9. Ghost ( for my extra- lazy Halloween babes, I feel you)


Things you need:

  • bed sheet with eye holes cut out

Ghost don’t need to sleep, party all night!

10. Sun or moon


Things you need:

  • Metallic makeup to match the sun or moon
  • monochromatic outfit
  • DIY head pieces (Pinterest is your best friend)

I need sunglasses damn

I hope you enjoyed these and maybe got a little inspiration if you were looking for a last minute costume! Happy Halloweek! Stay safe and healthy!

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