Current favorites – F2020- November

I love sharing my favorite things with you guys! I am constantly testing out new stuff to report it to you guys and just try to make my life a little better. These favorites will consist of fashion, home decor, and lifestyle for this post. Everything will be linked and nothing is sponsored. Let’s get started!


1. Square-toed booties

Photo from Justfab online

I adore these shoes. I am very tall and have pretty large feet and I feel like square toes make my feet look more petit (lol) and they are just so chic. It’s a way to add an element of geometry to an outfit that is subtle and elegant. I suggest signing up for a JustFab subscription because honestly a lot of my shoes are from there, they’re really cheap, and pretty good quality. Grab theme here.

2. Cable Knit Sweaters

Photo from the Amazon link

There is nothing new or exciting about this trend. I know that, but it doesn’t stop it from being one of my all time favorite pieces of clothing. I think cable knit sweaters are the epitome of comfy and cozy. They exude fall/winter vibes and they are so comfortable. I feel like they look more put-together than a typical crewneck sweater or hoodie and they are AMAZING in jewel tones. My current favorite colors for knit sweaters are deep green, bright red, and neutral tans. They are so easy to dress up or down and keep you warm all chilly-season long. Grab my favorite one Here.

3. Fandom Gear but for people that don’t like actual merch.

Photo from Kindness Threads on Etsy linked below

Ok heart me out, tasteful Harry Styles crewnecks. I am a big fan of wearing and surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy. For some people thats the fandom they are in. With the sudden resurgence of Harry Potter mania and the everlasting love of Twilight, Harry Styles, Marvel and Star wars, there are a ton of small business on Etsy making cute, subtle clothing. A sweater with “mischief managed” embroidered on the sleeve or a print of a vintage pop-art piece with the lyrics of “cherry” behind it are all gorgeous and subtly and something I would 100% wear. Check out Kindness Threads on Etsy. My favorite sweater here.

Home Decor

1. Textured Throw Blankets

Blanket ft. my tattoo because it’ s the only picture I have right now

My room is very cozy. I like to have plants, neutral colors, reds, dark wood, candles and a lot of emerald green. I recently bought a throw blanket from home goods that is textured so it adds another layer of interest to my bed and decor. It’s really cozy and jazzes the place up. I can’t find a link but I’m sure at your local home goods they have one! Look for a celebrity home tag.

2. Cinnamon Brooms

This was a favorite in my newsletter last week and I still stand by it. Cinnamon brooms smell so good and are the ultimate fall decor piece. They are so slightly witch-y and have warm cottage core vibes. They also smell like warm cinnamon spices which is sure to be a fall favorite of anyone coming into the room. I got mine at Publix so just check your local grocery store!

3. Personalized Wall Decor

I think sometimes people forget that you can make your own poster and have it printed at office depot or your schools print shop for like $10. I’m not saying to steal anyones art but if you have a phrase or business you run or use constantly but don’t like the aesthetic of posters already made or the logo, make your own in Canva. That’s what I did for my “mischief managed” poster and my “The Young Edit” poster. My other posters I bought to support small business. Check it out!


1. Mighty Patches (sent to me but genuinely love them)

I struggle with cystic acne and these mighty patches have been amazing. I put them on right before I go to bed and take them off in the morning. They legitimately suck out everything and reduce the size of pimples so much. if you have a problem with picking at your face (we all do c’mon) these help keep that at bay. Grab them here.

2. London Fog lattes

I have been cutting back on caffeine because it honestly just makes me more tired. i switched from coffee to London fog lattes and they are THE BEST. I used to order from Starbucks but now I just make my own at home with earl grey tea, almond milk, and sugar-free vanilla syrup.

3. Maliciouswomenco Candles

I just bought my first candle from this company in the scent “happy hallothankmas” which is every holiday scent you could want. It lasts for so long, I literally has it going all day yesterday and it barely made a dent. get yours here.

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