How to find internships

Keep in mind I am a social media manager and look for internships within the realm of public relations/social media/marketing/film/advertising.

How are internships so abundant yet so hard to find? You’re just not looking in the right places! Internships are pretty much readily available at any company, especially if you are doing it unpaid and you have some sort of proof that you understand the job and the company. Everyone needs an extra set of hands.

I will say that if you want to get and KEEP an internship, you need to be ready. Be available as much as possible, go above and beyond, ask questions, and most importantly, show them why they should hire you full-time.

I have had many incredible internships over the past few years from local business helping out with social media to being a production assistant on the biggest budget TV show currently filming in LA. Also, son’t be afraid to go remote, I am a remote intern for a PR firm in lA right now and the lessons I have learned just over the phone are incredible.

Here are the top 3 ways to snag an internship, from personal experience:


Intern Queen, created by Lauren Berger has one goal: to set college students up with their perfect internship. Make an account and check the listings every single day for new posts and positions. Reach out to literally every internship you want. You might get all of them and might not get any. Make sure to communicate with everyone you email and check in every couple of months. This allows you to get your name and face recognized and they might have a friend who needs and intern or go straight to you once a spot opens. This website is amazing and it really is my go-to spot for setting friends up with jobs, snagging one myself, and just checking out what the current internship market looks like. They have roles in fashion, social media, marketing, pr, and everything else content related you can think of.

2. Reach out to EVERYONE

Literally DM or email every single company your little heart desires. Hit them with a “hi I’m (blank) and I would love to send you my resume if you are looking for an intern” the worst thing they can do is say no. Be forward and kind. I have gotten many side jobs just by messaging brands that were really interesting to me and seeing if they needed help. Even if they say no, a lot of people will like your forward nature and will keep you in the back of their mind if they need anyone. You will stand out. Be confident and send the damn message. Also, if your parents know anyone in your desired field, call them. That’s how I got the film job. Call everyone. talk to everyone. Network baby!

3. Linkedin

This one is pretty straightforward but used Linkedin! Follow all of the brands, everyone from your school, people in your field, start-ups and scour the site until you find an internship position that speaks to you and apply!

4. Professors

If you’re in a field like me, chances are your professors have some years of work under their belts and have made a lot of connections. talk to them, see if they can help you find a job they think you will excel in, get advice from them and do as they do. They want to help you out too. Send them an email and get to it!

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