Blogmas Day 1: Gift Guide – dark Academia/Bookworm

Happy Blogmas day 1! From today until December 25 I will be blogging every single day!

Todays topic: the first of 5 gift guides. This aesthetic is my own aesthetic therefore it is my favorite.

Here is a gift guide for the friends or family members with their noses stuck in a book constantly. The ones that dream of moving to Europe and the only thing they want in life is the library from Beauty and The Beast. The ones that still love Harry potter and want to curl up in the Gryffindor Common room. Is that enough of a definition? let’s get started.

1. Wax Sealing kit

I just bought a letter wax sealing kit off of Amazon and my academic papers are jealous of how much I’ve written. It’s so luxurious in a way and makes everything feel so special, especially since handwritten notes aren’t as common. It comes with three colored wax melts and a personalized stamp (I chose the letter Y so the rest of my family could use it as well.) Get it here.

2. Book reference sweater

I have written about this before but I am a big fan of incorporating references to your favorite movies or books into your every day clothing. This crewneck is so cute and cottage-core and you wouldn’t even know it was Harry Potter themed if you didn’t really look at it. It has a mandrake and other little pieces of herbology labeled like a textbook and the Hogwarts print is very minimal. Get it here.

3. Classic books with updated covers

Classic books are a staple in a home. Barnes and Noble has a range of classic books with gorgeous, ornate covers that scream renaissance and dark academia. To keep them on your coffee table or massive bookshelf would be an honor lol. They are so pretty and make me want to pick up every classic to reread right now. Get it here.

4. Grecian Bust flower vase/pot

Image from Amazon link below.

What does an art student love more than art? Plants, probably. This bust of the iconic David statue can hold flowers or plants of any kind and just looks so cool. I am obsessed. Get it here.

5. Wizard Chocolate

Duh, I am a big Harry Potter fan. The Phelps twins (who play Fred and George Weasley) started a chocolate company called “The Wizards Magic.” When I saw that the chocolate was vegan, gluten free, and overall just way healthier than normal chocolate, I bought it. I got the Caramel flavor and you guys, it is so good. Just a fair warning, right now it is only available on the website and in boxes of 12 but you can give those out as gifts too! Get it here.

6. Leather Journal

Image from the Amazon link below

Everyone needs one. There’s not much to say other than it is practical, very well made, and gorgeous. Get one here.

7. Character Candles

People love to romanticize different books and its characters. There are a ton of Bath and Body Works candles that people have assigned to different characters. For example, Draco Malfoy supposedly smells like Mahogany green apple from B&BW, I have it and it smells amazing and reminds me of Hogwarts every time I smell it. A quick Google search of their favorite characters should give you an answer.

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