blogmas Day 3: Gift Guide – Parents

Day 3 of Blogmas! Today is the third of 5 gift guides and I’m going to be sharing with you the top gifts my parents have loved throughout the years. Every parent is different and some like practical things like a new microwave or a drill. I like to go the more sentimental route because my parents are just like that.

Here are the top gifts I have gotten my parents that they still adore and bring up.

1. Constellation print of their wedding day

Photo from website linked below

I got my parents a print of what the sky looked like above the exact coordinates of where they got married. They LOVED this and thought it was a really cute way to showcase their love. It had the print and then underneath I added “the day they became the Young’s” and added the coordinates. Get it here.

2. Teddy Bear made of significant clothing

Photo from website linked below

When my grandfather passed away it hit my whole family very hard. We miss him constantly. If you have a loved one that has passed or someone in the military or just someone who isn’t around too much, this is the perfect gift. I got two of my grandpas old shirts gifted to me when my grandma moved out of their old house and wanted to do something more special than just have it in a safe box. I found a seller on Etsy that turns old shirts into teddy bears and immediately sent them off. The seller does take a while so it might come later than the holidays but the end result is worth it. Get it here.

3. Pay for their subscriptions

This one is super easy and always well received. Pick up your moms Costco card subscription, pay for her Disney Plus, Get Dad’s magazine subscriptions, or whatever they do. It will be appreciated that they don’t have to worry about those things for the year.

4. Book them a staycation

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but allow them to get away from everything for a while. Find a nice hotel in you area and put them in it for the night. Allow them to just vibe out and forget about how crazy everything is. I’m sure they love having you home for Christmas/the pandemic, but everyone needs me-time.

5. Compile videos from friends

One year for Mother’s Day I asked about 30 of my friends who know my mom very well, and my moms friends to send me videos sharing why they love my mom. She cried like a baby. Parents can get so in the groove of being parents that they don’t get appreciated enough. This costs nothing but made my mom so happy. Let them know they are loved. Plus, you have that video forever to remind your mom or dad why they do what they do.

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