Blogmas Day 4: Gift Guide – Professionals/organization

Happy Blogmas Day 4! Today is the fourth out of 5 gift guides! I am going to focus on gifts for professionals today. These are the people that are always working, the students, the new adults in the world, the established business people, and those who like to stay organized.

I am a big fan of organization. I like things where I know where they are at all times, easy finds, easy filing, and aesthetics. Here are my top choices for someone hard working and organized:

1. Planner

I am very loyal to the Day Designer brand planners but I have recently found a new brand that challenges that loyalty. The Day Designer is AMAZING it has a page for everyday, a time table, top 3 goals, to-do list, notes, grateful for, and a quote. Get it here. The new brand I am looking at is called the Golden Coil and is 100% customizable to you and what you need in a planner. With budgets, you set the start and end dates, and everything you want. Get that one here.

2. Personalized Stationary

Photo from website linked below

My mom got me this as a gift and I loved it even though I wasn’t sure I was going to use it. As I got into more internships and writing more, I used it so much. It’s so personal, so professional and just so cute. Get it here.

3. School/work supplies

This isn’t extravagant or personal, but so helpful. I always forget I need new folders and notebooks when I am about to start the spring semester. Find out what their favorite color or aesthetic is and get them school supplies that match. The average college student takes 4-5 classes so get that many notebooks, nice gel pens, highlighters, pencils, and wrap it all cute. Then you’re set!

4. Subscription to Grammarly

As you can tell, I write a lot. I am a blogger as well as an advertising student, so like many sleep deprived students, I make a lot of typos, there is probably one in this post. But, Grammarly is amazing. It’s a plug-in extension that fixes grammar and typo mistakes as you are writing. As someone who rushes to get things done and stupidly never proof reads, this is perfect. Find it on their site or app store.

5. SD cards/flash drives

If the person you are shopping for has a lot of computer files that need to be shared or is a creative type, this is a great little gift. I am constantly looking for a blank SD card and places to store my previous projects. It’s the little things that are so helpful.

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