Blogmas Day 5: Gift Guide – General Gifts for anyone

Happy Blogmas Day 5! Today is the fifth and final gift guide! I can make more if you want more niche audiences but this was all I could think of that I know I could deliver good pieces for. This gift guide is all about what to get anyone. A sister-in-law you aren’t too familiar with or a co-worker for secret Santa.

Here are gifts for anyone, anytime. Enjoy!

1. Engraved Champagne Bottle

Photo from website linked below

This gift is classic and seems so personal without actually having to do too much work. You can engrave literally anything on it but try to make it special. I went to New York one year for Christmas with some friends and to commemorate the trip, one of them gave us a champagne bottle with an engraved Christmas tree and the location and year of the trip. I still have it and love it. Get it here.

2. Candle Subscription

Photo from website listed below

I have literally never met anyone that doesn’t like a candle. A subscription will allow them to get 12 candles for free every month of varying scents to help them find their favorite! Get it here.

3. Make them a lord or lady of Scotland

Photo from link below

I’ll admit, this one is a little weird. But, Scotland has an old loop-hole that if anyone owns any form of land, they can become a lord or lady. I think this is so cute and funny and I am 100% going to do this for my whole family. Give the gift of 100000th place in the royal line-up (not really). Get it here.

4. School Gear

Photo from

If this person is in college or has kids in college, grab a hoodie and hat with the schools logos! It’s super easy and now they have new things to wear on game day! Check out Nike or school websites.

5. Cook Book with Wine/tool

Photo from website linked below

I always think it’s really cool when people grow their own food or use local, in-season produce to base their meals around. Find a cook book that has state or local recipes and gift it with a wine or tool depending on the kind of cook book! It’s a unique gift and allows them to take time to gain new culinary skills! Get the Florida Keys one here .

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