Blogmas Day 6: 5 zoom ideas to bring holiday cheer to your socially distant family this year

The holidays are a time for gathering and being with the friends and family that made your year so special. Well, as we all know, 2020 sucks. Most of us haven’t been able to see family or connect with anyone since March during the pandemic. Here are some activities to do over zoom with the whole family and keep the holiday vibes alive and well!

1. Christmas Cocktail Party

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Have the host or bartender send out a list of supplies for a signature cocktail like a week before the zoom session. Once on the zoom have the host show everyone on the zoom how to make the drink, what it’s called, how to garnish, etc. You can do this with mock-tails too! That way it’s like a cocktail party with a personalized drink for your family!

2. Christmas Caroling

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Give all of your friends a link to the zoom meeting and then let them stop in whenever they want throughout the night! Chat with everyone and share some holiday cheer!

3. Cooking decorating

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Plan a day with friends and family to have a cookie decorating party! maybe even set timers and see who can make the best decorations in a minute or who has the best gingerbread house! It’s easy and so fun.

4. Secret Santa

Photo by Any Lane on

Use a secret Santa app to have everyone get their designated person and send gifts through Amazon or mail it to them a few weeks before the zoom. Then have everyone open their gifts together and find out who sent what!

5. Set out Santa Cookies and Reindeer food together

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Have everyone show what kind of cookies and food you’re leaving out for Santa and the reindeer and then use the Nordic Santa tracker to find out where he is right before you log off! So fun for the kiddos.

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