Blogmas Day 9: 5 Positive Things About 2020

I don’t know about you, but 2020 literally punched me right in the face. It saw me say “2020 is going to be the best year ever” and cheers with my friends at midnight and just spit on it.

But! We went through this year as a collective. We all went through horrible things together, some more than others. But we all understand the hardships and negativity and that means we have to positive, together. Here are some things to remind yourself of when things get tough.

1. This too shall pass.

Nothing lasts forever my love. That’s a good thing! Change is good! It might seem like this year lasts forever because of all the events 2020 decided to throw at us, but New Years Day, it restarts. We have time. We have a choice to make a change. You’ve got this!

2. Cliche warning: you grow through what you go through

I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Think of how much time you’ve had to reflect and grow as a person this year. You spent so much time with yourself, you had to have learned something! I know I have. I figured out my goals, where I want to move to, and what I want out of life after not being able to live it.

3. There’s so much ahead

This year didn’t really let us do much. Or anything really. Think of how much is ahead. How many hugs to give, how many shots to take at your favorite bar, how many memories are to be made with families, so many places to see. There’s a great big beautiful world of beautiful people out there.

4. How wonderful life is

Not being able to do usual things made me realize how wonderful the little things in life are. Going to the grocery store or the gym or a restaurant. Gathering with family and friends. Going on errands. Celebrating birthdays, weddings, etc. life is amazing.

5. You learned a lot

You probably scrolled through social media or read a book or two. Or had more time with parents and watched tv. You don’t realize it, but you probably learned so much. You have so much knowledge in that noggin of yours!

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