Blogmas Day 10: Things I am Obsessed With Right Now

Happy Blogmas Day 10! I saw this trend on TikTok and thought it was so cool. I tend to get very into things once I realize I like them. I do research, I google the hell out of it, pin it, and just really like it, ok? I’m sure a lot of you do the same thing so here’s some things for you to be obsessed with (because I sure am)!

1. Oddly Specific Spotify Playlists

Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me or the film major part, but I love the way music makes me feel and especially how music paired up with a movie scene makes me feel. I want to feel everything. I want to cry, fall in love, get angry and do all the things humans are designed to do. Oddly specific playlists are fantastic and allow me to daydream with a sound track! Try searching up your dream city or aesthetic on Spotify and you might find some playlists from people just like you! I made my own based on Italy, Paris, and the dark academia aesthetic!

2. The color combo: beige, white and onyx

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on

I just think with my current aesthetic, it’s perfect. It’s autumnal, it’s warm, it’s academic, it’s giving me all of the classy London vibes. It screams rich and put together. I absolutely adore it.

3. Chai lattes

Photo by Roberto Cervantes on

I cut back on caffeine a lot so I’ve been trying to stick with tea because I do still need a little bit. Chai is just so warm and inviting. It’s the perfect drink for a chilly morning and tastes SO GOOD. 10/10

4. Dark brown nail polish

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

I am usually an all white or light neutral kind of gal, but something about dark brown is drawing me in lately. It’s more warm and chic than black is and I feel like with my wardrobe color palette and hair color right now, the dark brown just works better. Super chic.

5. Monochromatic Christmas trees

Photo by Elly Fairytale on

While they aren’t as homey as regular trees with family ornaments, they sure look amazing. I think if you have perfectly curated your apartment or home to look a certain way and have a certain aesthetic then add a monochrome tree to fit the aesthetic, you’re killing it. It looks so good and I get overwhelmed with decor sometimes but it makes it less intimidating to have a color scheme.

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