Blogmas Day 11: Things I am Obsessed with part 2

Shocker, right? Happy Blogmas Day 11! I can’t believe we are already so close to the end of 2020, and all I can say is thank god. I have had a lot of free time to scour the internet this year and it has lead me to discover some things I am now obsessed with. So, I thought I’d share a part two to yesterdays list because I realized I had way more current interests than I even thought.

Here’s 5 more things I’m super into right now:

1. Abstract earrings

Uploaded by TrucosdeBelleza on Pinterest

I wear my hair up all the time and wear the same gold hoops constantly. I love them dearly and they always look so chic but abstract earrings are IT. I love irregularly shaped yet minimalist gold pieces or clay ones with the perfect color combo or references to plants or something. I think there is something so charming about them and the way they make a simple outfit look much more curated.

2. Square toed boots

Photo from NastyGal on Pinterest

I talked about these in my fashion favorites blog but they deserve another mention. I love the way they add geometry to a look. I think they’re sleek and everyone should have some. I am pretty tall at 5’9 so I have decently big feet and these make my feet look so small and just chic. That’s the perfect word for them, chic.

3. Meringue cookies

Recipe from

I love these. They are so light, so yummy, gluten free, AND low calorie. Yes please. They come in so many flavors and they are the perfect thing to satisfy a sweet tooth. I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t. The best ones are from Trader Joes.

4. Plastic hair ties

Photo from

I used to be a diehard silk scrunchies kind of gal. Then I discovered these plastic coil hair ties and haven’t looked back. They don’t pull hair, don’t leave a crease, and just look more minimalist than scrunchies. I love them. They come in many different sized and thickness and they’re made for every kind of hair.

5. Vegan ranch

Photo from Pinterest

I am not vegan but I hate mayo and seeing it in an ingredients list is the worst. I found vegan ranch from Trader Joes and literally use the whole container this week. It’s made with herbs, spices, coconut milk. That’s it. So good, gluten free, and goes on EVERYTHING. 10/10 pick it up next time you go.

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