Blogmas Day 12: Things I do Everyday to Stay Sane and Healthy

Happy Blogmas Day 12! Today I am going to share the things I do every single day to keep myself healthy and stay in a routine. I was doing all of these things before the pandemic and having them implemented into my routine really helped me stay on track and feel somewhat normal during this crazy year.

1. Vitamins

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A lot of people don’t get enough vitamins. I took vitamin D pills and still even had a deficiency. This can lead to so many little problems like fatigue that can be so easily fixed by making sure you get the right amount of vitamins. I take a multi-vitamin, B12, D3 and sometimes C. I recommend 1stPhorms Vitamin D because you might not be able to digest and metabolize the pills, like me. Their liposomal vitamin D makes sure you get at least half a dose in. Check it out here. Not sponsored, I genuinely love it.

2. Using a planner

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I use my planner every single day. Even if I have literally 0 things to do that day, I still write down my power list. My power list is 3 things I absolutely have to do every single day. For me, that list is exercise, blog/creative work, and get enough water. Doing those 3 things every day is really beneficial to me and allows me to keep my goals in my mind at all times.

3. Stay grateful and hopeful

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Every day I write down the things I am grateful for. It keeps me positive knowing I have so much to be thankful for and experience every day. I also do manifestations, which I know isn’t for everyone. I like to write down my goals in the form of “I am…” so that I am putting it into the universe that I am grateful for the goals it has helped me accomplish, even if it hasn’t happened yet. For example, everyday I write “I have my dream job and live in my dream city” this helps me visualize and stay motivated when working.

4. Do my hair

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This is a kind of weird one, but I just don’t feel pretty without having my hair somewhat put together. If I don’t feel pretty-ish then I start getting really down on myself and my body image and there is no room for negativity in this booked and busy schedule. Try to find something simple that makes you feel good and do that every day.

5. Drink a ton of water

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If you think you’re drinking enough water, you probably aren’t. Drink more. I promise you will feel so much better, even if you think you feel good now. Nourish your body a little bit babe.

6. Read and stretch before bed

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I try to read but don’t read nearly as many books as I’d like to. I try to read 10 pages of a book every single night, at the bare minimum. It allows me time away from my phone, time to wind down, and escape a little. I also do small stretches just to let the tension of the day out.

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