Blogmas Day 18/19: How To Effectively Clean Out Your Closet

Happy day 18/19! Today I am teaching you how to EFFECTIVELY clean out your closet. Key word: effectively. You can go through all you want and take out a few pieces to donate, which is great! But, if you want to make room for new looks and new vibes, you need a closet overhaul.

Today, I got rid of over half my closet. DONATE OR GIVE TO FRIENDS. Unless it’s underwear. Gross. But be sustainable! Ok now that we got that out of the way I am going to teach you how to effectively clean out your closet for the new you. This isn’t spring cleaning, this is a transformation darling.

1. Start off with a plan

Here are things to research before you take everything out of your closet to start fresh: what season is it? Do you value comfort or fashion? Do you have a certain style you have to wear for work or school? Do you gravitate towards certain patterns or colors? What’s your color scheme?

All of these things are very important to find the baseline of your new wardrobe. What vibe to you want to give off?

2. Do your research

Research baby. Make a Pinterest board and find what style speaks to you. Are you more of an emotional dresser and use clothes to express and feel a certain way or are you more of a dress because you have to kind of person? What colors are made for your skin tone and hair color? Color wheels are your best friend! Google color theory. Do you wear gold or silver jewelry? Or both? Find what colors and styles work for your body so you aren’t buying clothes you will never wear because you don’t like them and only bought them because you though you would suddenly change your habits. You won’t. Dress for your personality honey.

3. Buy 4 new key pieces to start you off

Now that you have done your research, buy 4 new keys pieces to start off your new fashion journey. This will allow you to test out your new ideas and see if it will be functional and if you actually enjoy the colors and styles you envisioned. Get a new shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes. Take your new look for a test run!

4. Now, get rid of everything

If you don’t fit into something anymore, give it up. If you haven’t reached for something in months, give it up. If you forgot you owned something, give it up. If you only have that one piece for a certain outfit and never wear it as envisioned, give it up. Obviously don’t get rid of everything, but I guarantee you don’t wear over half of the close in your closet, even prepandemic. Make room for new life and don’t get too attached. Keep sentimental things like prom dresses and first date outfits, but daily wear comes and goes.

5. Enjoy your new closet!

Fashion is such a personal thing and we, as people, are ever evolving. Changing how we dress and our aesthetics are part of growing and it’s a good thing! Take the time to really define who you are and what you have to tell the world with your clothes. Happy shopping babe!

Dm me for clothes recs and inspo!

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