Blogmas Day 20: 10 Things You Should Go Do Right Now, That You Probably Forgot About

Happy Blogmas Day 20! This post is all about the little things we all should be doing in our daily lives that we often neglect or forget about. It’s hard to be an adult, and it’s even harder to be an adult in 2020. There are so many things that you have to do every day, week, or month, that it’s easy to forget about them! Here are 10 things you should go do right now, that you probably forgot about during the craziness of the year, I know I sure did.

1. Clean your electronics

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You touch you phone and your computer so much everyday and I bet you don’t wipe them down that often. I try to wipe my phone down after the gym but it’s a really easy step to forget about. Take the time to take an antibacterial wipe or paper towel with some multi-surface cleaner and just get into the nooks and crannies of your phone case, keyboard, mouse, and screen. It’ll look so much better and just be way more sanitary when you’re laying in bed with your phone 2 inches from your nose.

2. Clean your makeup brushes

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Another cleaning tip but girl, you’re probably dirty. I am too! I try to wash my makeup brushes once a week but I don’t really wear makeup during the pandemic since I’m not really going out so it’s been longer than I’d like to admit. To make things easier go to Amazon and buy this makeup brush cleaning mat and use some soap! It’s super fast and then just let them air dry!

3. Drink water

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I promise you, you’re not drinking enough water. I am constantly drinking water and thought I was getting enough before I started tracking my water intake. I know you hear this all of the time, even from me, but go drink a whole glass right now. You will feel so much better. When I am feeling off I usually chug a few glasses and instantly feel better. You don’t realize how important it is until you consistently drink enough.

4. Check your lint trap

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This is so important not only because it can start a literal house fire, but you’re probably spending so much money for extra electricity because your dyer isn’t doing a good job. Google and YouTube how to deep clean it! It’s actually a super useful skill.

5. Change your wallflowers

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I am notoriously bad at this. I put in a new wall plug-in and forget it’s there until it’s all dried out and gross. I usually replace them, love how it makes my space smell, tell myself I’ll change it at the right time, then forget. It really does help a space smell so good.

6. Cancel any unused subscriptions

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I cannot tell you the amount of times I have payed for something on accident because I forgot to cancel a free trial or subscription I just don’t need any more. This usually happens to me at the end of the semester when a bunch of academic stuff I don’t need anymore renews on January 1st. Just look at your bank statements and see what you’re paying for that you no longer need and cancel accordingly! Your wallet will thank you.

7. Charge your external batteries

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I am THE WORST at this. I literally have like 4 external chargers because I have to buy new ones since the one I brought isn’t charged. How dumb is that? make it a routine every night to plug one in so it’s ready for the next day. You will be so happy you did when you’re waiting at the dentist office or something and the 10% battery notification pops up.

8. Update your playlists

I used to struggle so hard with finding the right ~vibe~ when driving or working out or studying. Then I started making detailed playlists for literally all of my moods and update them once a week. It’s really helpful to not have to jump around from playlist to playlist to have a good groove going on.

9. Restock on kitchen basics

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If you notice you’re a little low on flour or sugar or other kitchen staples, don’t wait until you’re out. Restock every time you notice it’s getting a little low because nothing breaks a heart more than going to make banana bread and realizing you’re out of flour. Pure heart ache man.

10. Check in on friends and family

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Send little texts to let people know you love them and are here for them. It means so much more than you know.

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