Blogmas Day 21: How I’m Prepping For 2021 and Spring Semester

Happy Blogmas Day 21! I literally cannot believe how fast this month, and year, flew by. I like to start off the new season and semester after a long break off really strong. I like to plan, prep, and get going as smoothly as possible. I have half online and half in-person classes so I am moving back into my apartment which is exciting and sad. I missed the independence and freedom that came from living in my apartment, but will miss the family connection and memories made living at home again. But, here’s to a much needed fresh start! Here are 5 things I am doing to prep for a (hopefully) successful spring semester:

1. Filling out my planner

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I am a planner. You guys know this, I like to have schedules and stick to them. I am going through my school calendar and putting exam dates and breaks in the planner. Once my classes bet scheduled I will also be putting dates and times in for studying and classes. I also have future appointments, important dates, and personal goals already in there. Just to be prepared and see my timeline going forward.

2. Making personal goals

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I have been self-dissecting so much this year and figuring out what my goals are for myself. I made 4: personal, wellness, professional, and creative. I set weight loss goals, things I want to implement into my day, where I want my blog and social media to be, where I want to be internship wise, and how I want to grow as a person throughout the year. If you set the tone for what you want and have a clear vision of the person you want to be, it makes it so much easier to plan and go for the goals.

3. Taking time to relax

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I am taking this time to literally just hang out. I don’t get a ton of down time when I am in college and going to class so I really want to use this in-between time to spend time with family, be creative, and recharge my batteries.

4. Getting school supplies

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Get your school supplies early so that the first few days before the semester you can clean you apartment, wake up at a new time, get into a routine, and just start getting prepared. I really like to be stress free before the semester starts so I start off on the right foot. Be prepared so you can be excited.

5. Restocking

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I always go through my pantry, makeup, skincare, cleaning products, etc and restock on everything before the semester starts. It’s such a pain to move back in and realize you have nothing. Waking up on the first day fresh out of deodorant is a nightmare. Take note and gradually stock up before everything starts again so you’re good to go!

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