Blogmas Day 22: 20 Things I’ve Learned in 2020

Happy Blogmas Day 22! I can’t believe it’s almost the end! I thought today I’d just share 20 things I’ve learned throughout my crazy year that is 2020.

1. The world doesn’t stop

Even with lockdown, and even without us, the world kept going. People kept painting and cooking and connecting with friends over zoom. Flowers kept blooming and the holidays rolled around. It’s all going to keep going, it’s beautiful.

2. Social media following doesn’t make anyone a good public voice

Just because you have a following doesn’t mean your voice is correct or ok. Even if you have a small following and say something untruthful, you could be damaging. Watch what you say

3. Most people aren’t good

4. But, a lot of people are

5. If someone wants to reach out, they will

6. Put yourself first, always

7. I appreciate in person classes more than I thought

Connecting with peers and teachers is a lot more beneficial and inspiring than I previously thought.

8. I thrive on routine

I literally will do nothing if I don’t set a routine. That’s ok to do nothing, but it was very bad for my mental health.

9. Listen to your body

Surprise! I have Hoshimotos! It’s almost like I’ve been saying my weight gain and fatigue wasn’t normal for TWO YEARS.

10. I am an independent person

I enjoy family time as much as anyone else but I really do need alone time and to be on my own to grow and thrive at this time in my life.

11. Owning plants is beneficial to my mental health

12. Taking a break is ok, no one should be using a global pandemic to push the “hustle 24/7” and boss babe culture on to anyone. Read the room.

13. I am very lucky and very grateful

Not everyone was able to stay home for the pandemic and not everyone is doing ok financially. I recognize my privilege and that’s why I donate and help out as much as possible.

14. Amplifying melanized voices is always important, not only when it’s trendy

Black lives still matter. So do Latina lives. Brown lives. Lives that don’t have the privilege I do because of my skin color.

15. Getting strong is a much healthier goal for me mentally than getting skinny

I will never be a tiny, feminine girl. I’m not built like that. I need to focus on making this broad body of mine the healthiest it can be, not thinnest.

16. Eating Gluten Free is annoying (lol)

17. Most adults won’t get it, stop arguing with them

18. Learn from opposing view points, don’t always jump on the attack

19. I am grateful for this year, it taught me a lot

20. I hope 2021 is better for everyone.

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