Blogmas Day 23: My New Years Resolutions

Happy Blogmas day 23! Today is all about new year, new you! The trick to sticking to New Years resolutions is to be as specific as possible, and think small, while aiming for a larger goal. You need to plan and actually set dates for yourself. If you see an end zone, it’s a lot easier to work towards than a big, vague goal. Both are important, but baby steps honey bunch. Here are my attainable resolutions for this upcoming year of 2021.

1. I want to be healthier

I want to be healthier in all senses of the word. I want to get a handle on my thyroid, eat cleaner, take the right vitamins for me, drink more water, work on my sleep, and lose weight. Aside from physical, I also want to be mentally healthy. I want to manage my stress and anxiety. I want to be more level headed and work on my goals at a realistic, yet still ambitious level.

2. I want to volunteer more

The world always needs a helping hand. I want to donate more time as well as money. I want to make a difference in even one persons life, positively.

3. I want to learn more

I always do my best to read and really focus in class, but I want to learn more overall. I want to get better at Googling things I’m curious about, watch more documentaries, read more. There is so much knowledge out there about literally everything and I want to find more areas that interest me and learn as much as possible.

4. I want to experience more culture

Living in a small town can be hard for many reasons, but for me, it’s hard to be so closed of culturally. So many different cultures and backgrounds are so beautiful and I can learn so much from them. It’s not just me on this planet, and everyone is so different. I think it would be really beneficial and eye opening for me to learn and experience more of the world. This can include traveling (when it’s safe), eating different foods, talking to specific groups on campus, and more.

5. I want to be a better listener

I am a talker. I have like word vomit, and I get so excited to talk about different subjects that I often don’t truly listen to those i’m speaking to. I think it’s really important for me to work on this skill and become a better listener.

6. I want to wear more real clothes

I have a habit of wearing sweats and leggings everyday and longing to be dressed up. Here’s the wonderful thing about being an adult with free will, I can dress up. I feel more put together when I’m dressed up and I think it would help me be more on top of everything.

7. Have a better year than 2020

Only time will tell, though. I remain hopeful.

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