Blogmas Day 24: My Top 10 Products/Items of 2020

Happy Blogmas Day 24! I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow, I am literally confused as to how this year is already over. This year was wild and I didn’t get ti do a lot of things, but one thing I did get to do is shop. Here are the top 10 products/items I bought this year and truly love and recommend. Nothing is sponsored. All bought with my own money.

1. Bag Balm

I cannot get enough of this stuff. My acne medicine makes my skin SO DRY and that includes my lips. I literally need one application of this lip balm and it heals everything I put it on in the morning and at night, that’s it. It’s amazing.

2. Fuzzy Sock pack from American Eagle

Photo from site linked below

This is kind of niche, but I am a fuzzy sock expert. I am very specific about a lot of things in my life, including my socks. These were Christmas addition so go and get them while you can but they’re the most amazing texture and stay on your foot really well. Most fuzzy socks get loose or fall but these are fantastic. Get them here. P.S They’re half off right now on the site!

3. Lounge Pants from Uniqlo

Photo from site linked below

The best lounge pants I have ever owned. They have the best waist band and look super chic. They’re comfy without being frumpy, you know? I wore them out the other day and they just look so good while being uber comfortable. Highly recommend. Get them here.

4. 1stPhorm Level-1 Protein

I am pretty sensitive to protein and it can make my stomach hurt but this one is so good. Not only does it taste good, but it’s low temperature cooked so it’s easy to digest. My current favorite flavor is chocolate banana and it’s really good with frozen cherries and almond milk! Plus, most flavors are gluten free! Check out

5. Acne Patches

As mentioned before, I have acne. It sucks and can really hurt sometimes! It’s cystic from my birth control so it’s not terribly apparent unless I’m having a breakout. These help so much because I wear them at night and they suck all of the sh*t out of your face and leave it so smooth and much smaller in the morning. You can get them almost everywhere.

6. Wizards Magic Chocolate

If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m a big Harry Potter fan as well as gluten free. So, when the actors who play the Weasley twins started a chocolate company thats healthy and GF, you know I had to order. Giving my money to Harry Potter actors without supporting JKR? Amazing! The chocolate is so good, as most British sweets are, and the company employees are fantastic. 100% worth the shipping. Get it at (I like the caramel chocolate bars!)

7. Skinny Pop

Photo by Keegan Evans on

Best snack ever. So yummy, so healthy, sold everywhere. I can’t really say much more, it’s popcorn.

8. Silk Pillow Cases

Photo by medium photoclub on

When I tell you, life changing. My hair has never been healthier and they keep me cool all night. They look so luxurious and feel amazing. They’re anti-bacterial so it helps you skin and your hair doesn’t catch when you sleep. You need these. Available at Target and HomeGoods and on Amazon (I bought the ones under best seller in white!)

9. Hanes Ecosmart Sweatshirts

If you go on Hanes page on Amazon you’ll find these for under $10. Amazing. Such good quality, and comes in so many colors. If you want to keep it interesting, send some to a local seamstress and get them embroidered with whatever you want! It helps support local business for cheap! I love them so much and wear them almost daily.

10. Gold Hoops from Amazon

I wear these every single day. I reach for them first and they have held up so well. I think they make everything look so chic and when my hair is up or dirty, I immediately feel better when I put these on. If you’re looking for a subtle way to up your jewelry game, this is it. Get them here.

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