I Dressed Like 7 of My Favorite Characters for 7 Days – Here’s What I learned

I find my main source of inspiration in all creative endeavors to be pieces of media I have already consumed. I like to takes pieces of the Bridgerton aesthetic and add it into my room decor or maybe get more shoes like Carrie Bradshaw or even learn the rules of True American from New Girl. I decided I was bored of wearing the same 5 outfits every week, so I challenged myself to use inspiration from my favorite characters and make a weeks worth of outfits that were out of my comfort zone and away from the sweatpants.

Let’s get what I learned out of the way so I can share the outfits and link everything.

I discovered that clothes are meant to enhance your body, not cover it up. I have struggled with body image so much, especially since I gained a lot of weight. In doing this challenge I didn’t think about what made me look fat or was unflattering, I just wore what my favorite characters would wear and it was empowering, honestly. I also learned that you don’t have to have a set aesthetic to have fun with fashion. None of the characters I picked have the same fashion sense, and yet I still felt like me in every outfit. Have fun and dress how you want to.

I would 100% recommend doing this little challenge if you are stuck in a fashion rut. I was wearing sweatpants and hoodies for so long I wasn’t sure I even knew how to style anything anymore. It was so much fun and really opened my eyes to the possibilities that await me in my closet. Here’s th part you’ve been waiting for: the characters, the outfits and where to get them.

Here is a reel of all of the looks and why I chose each character: https://jumprope.com/g/jumprope/TvOwOl2g

  1. Kylo Ren – Star Wars

I chose Kylo because I love his aesthetic, adore Adam Driver, and knew it would be an easy introduction into the challenge. This was my favorite look of the whole week and some pieces I’ve had forever and were gifted but the ones I can link will be down below. This look was empowering and I felt so good in it. I have never worn a coat over my shoulders but I felt like a bad b*tch ok. Something about his character and just embodying that energy gave me so much confidence.

Sweater (out of season, linked closest one)


Coat (out of season, linked closest one)


2. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Hermione is exactly who I want to be. The dark academia inspired attire, the relentless ambition, the natural brains and beauty and she attends Hogwarts. What more could a girl ask for? I found this look to be the most wearable. Ot was modern but yet still gave me UK fall and college vibes. It was comfortable, classic, and I felt so good. The sweater vest trend is very in so I loved working it into this look. Good work Granger.




3. Hades – Disney’s Hercules

My favorite villain of all time. He is so relatable, sassy, and his story is one of my favorites in greek mythology. I used the same bag as Kylo but I really wanted to do something more modern for this character. He is very versatile because you can make any black look and claim it’s inspired by him. I chose a dress because for me, that empowering and it resembles his toga.I also chose teal boots for height and the color goes well with his underworld aesthetic. I think this look is a great way to secretly embody character you love.

Dress (It’s on sale!)

Shoes (You can see my picture on the site!)

4. Nick Miller – New Girl

I am going to be honest, I was just feeling lazy this day. My favorite lazy character of all time? Nick Miller. He has an aesthetic and sticks to it, which I can appreciate. Sweat pants and flannel are the ultimate lazy day vibe and for that, I thank you Nick.



5. Fran Drescher – The Nanny

All I can say is: Fashion Icon. This look is so classic, so ~sexy~ and very chic. Her style is very 90’s with turtle necks, mini skirts, hats, and mules. She had so many good looks so I grab my favorite turtleneck, plaid skirt, and hat and ran with it. I loved this look so much and I just felt like a woman, you know? Everyone else seemed to love this look too and I 100% see myself wearing it again.

Top (out of season but here’s a similar one)

Skirt (out of season but here’s a similar one)


Bag: Kate Spade, Got it on The Real Real

6. Jackie Burkehart- That 70’s Show

So groovy, My least favorite look out of all of them but for sure incorporating a neck scarf into all of my outfits. I loved the flare jeans because they are just so much. I don’t have too much to say except I love the jeans and will be taking bits and pieces of this look with me into future outfits.




Scarf (Amazon Neck Scarf – Find your perfect color!)

7. Loki – Marvel Cinematic Universe

An ancient god gets a modern look. I LOVE this coat and these leather leggings so much and I am so glad I got to wear them again. This is a look I will replicate constantly once it gets colder. His vibe was very similar to hades so a lot of the pieces were taken from him but I think this look has a more modern- working woman vibe. I loved this.



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