Two Versions of “What I Eat In A Day” From College Girls X Kiersten Nicole

Making the choice to eat healthier can be a hard decision financially and mentally when you’re a broke, overworked college student. But, if you put in a little effort to meal prepping and planning, it can change your whole life. Just making better decisions on little things like snacks or breakfast can make a huge change in your mood and body. Eating healthy isn’t just for those trying to lose weight, it’s a lifestyle that can attribute to better moods, better immune systems, and overall just feeling better.

Here are two examples of one different college women eat in a day, one is gluten free and one is not but they are both making the decisions they do to feel the best they can. We hope you can draw a little bit of inspiration from these ideas and implement the positive changes! At the end there will be tips and tricks for how to get started.

@Kiersten What She Eats In A Day

This was a relaxed day where I didn’t have to many things on my schedule for the day, so I was able to eat more and cook at home for all my meals. Now I don’t always eat this way because if I’m busy I don’t have time to cook or I’m not home. While this was a healthier day, I did enjoy dessert on this day because I was craving something sweet. But sometimes I am really craving chick fil a or ice cream so I will eat it. Satisfying cravings is beneficial to your overall well being, it’s the little things that bring you joy that matter especially in the world we are living in today. But like I said balance is important, eating foods that fuel your body like veggies and fruit and then indulging in your favorite dessert or fast food every once in a while. 

Breakfast : egg whites with spinach and toast 

Snack: cashews and strawberries 

Lunch: turkey wrap with sea salt chips 

Snack: yogurt pretzels 

Dinner: chicken and rice with broccoli 

Dessert: brownie with vanilla ice cream

@Theyoungeditorial What I Eat In A Day (Gluten-Free)

I am actively trying to lose weight and I count my macros so my protein is a lot higher than the average person would be eating. I really love vegetables and try not to eat that much processed foods, but it’s college and if I want to afford to like, live, then processed foods it is. Veggies are really easy to roast up in the oven with olive oil and salt/pepper so if you’re picky about veggies I highly recommend roasting them. I go for a lot of lean meat to get as much protein without fat as possible but love to incorporate healthy fats with things like avocados and olive oil. I feel my best when I eat like this and meal prep on Sunday and Wednesday, adding different seasonings to meat and rice to change up the flavor profiles. Shout out to my personal trainer @madeline_silvestri for the meal plan!

Breakfast :

3 Eggs (usually egg whites)

1 oz. Cheddar

1 Piece GF toast

1 tbsp Peanut Butter

Breakfast (version 2 if not feeling the other):

2 cups Greek Yogurt (light&fit vanilla has best macros)

1/4 cup Granola

1/2 cup berries


5oz Chicken

3oz Green Veg

1/4 cup Jasmine Rice


6oz 93% lean ground beef

3oz Green Veg

1/2 Potato (Can be sweet. Honey Gold has good macros. If you add oil to the potatoes make sure you track it and adjust the rest of your numbers as needed))


Frozen berries

GF brownies

Dark chocolate


Protein shakes

Fresh fruit

Parmesan crisps


Chips & salsa

Tips and Tricks for starting your healthy eating journey

  1. Start small, make little swaps like greek yoghurt instead of full fat, almond milk instead of cow milk, spray oil instead of olive oil.
  2. Do it because you want to.
  3. Meal prep twice a week and switch up seasonings so you don’t get bored and quit.
  4. If you’re really having a craving, eat it. Order pizza or whatever you want, that’s life baby. Just don;t let it become a lifestyle.
  5. It takes time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself or go cold turkey on everything “bad”
  6. Food is neither good nor bad. If you feel good eating it, eat it.
  7. Good luck!

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