My Favorite Things From The First Quarter of 2021

You already know what time it is, favorites time! I love buying new things and sharing with all of you the glorious things I have found during my time as an online shopping addict. Here’s what I found:

Disclaimer: Not sponsored, all purchased with my own money and I truly recommend these products and items.

Link will be in each listicle

  1. Flare Pants from Amazon

When I tell you I am obsessed with these, I am OBSESSED. I bought these in two colors and literally wash them all the time so I can wear then two days in a row. The fabric is so soft and durable and the price point is even better. Plus, if you’re tall like me, they fit perfectly. I highly recommend these lightweight pants for Spring time. Get them here.

2. Candle Making Kit from Amazon

I love candles and have at least 5 in my room at all times, no joke. I thought it would be fun to make my own so I bought this kit off of Amazon and I was right, It was so fun! Be warned, buy your own essential oils and use a ton when making the candles because it doesn’t come with any and the soy wax can be a bit overwhelming. Get it here.

3. Dr. Teals Lavender Body Wash

So good. It has such good ingredients, lathers really well, stays on your skin for a while so you smell like lavender and really just winds me down for bed. Also, it’s so cheap. For the ultimate bedtime relaxation pair with the eucalyptus epsom salt by Dr. Teals and just soak all of your worries away. Get it at your local grocery store or Amazon.

4. By The Fireplace Perfume from Replica

If you want to smell like a mysterious, sexy woman who just got home from studying all night by the fireplace at the Harvard University Library reading about Shakespeare and making herself a scotch on the rocks as she sits on the couch to read to Harry Potter.. this is it. It sounds dramatic and specific, but once you smell it you will understand. It’s so smoky and musky while feminine at the same time. I love it so much. Get it at your local Sephora.

5. Lemon and Ginger Tea from Twining’s Tea

Coffee is not my friend and I actually get more sleepy with caffeine because of my thyroid issue but I refused to give it up for so long because I love the morning ritual of waking up and lounging on the couch with a warm cup of coffee. I then realized that tea is better for me and I can still have the same ritual, why something so obvious took me so long to realize? I’ll never know. But, the lemon and ginger in this caffeine free tea wake me up and get me started on the right foot. I love this with a little honey and way to hot to putting in your mouth but you do it anyway. Get it at your local grocery store or Amazon.

6. Fuzzy socks

Working from home has made sweatpants the new uniform, and with that came feel lazy and gross. I have trying to find ways to spice up my sweats and honestly, fuzzy socks help so much. They’re super soft and just feel very luxurious. I really think they make me feel better especially when paired with a high quality pair of joggers and matching crewneck. Highly reccommend just to feel a little better. Get them here.

7. Orange nail polish

Orange has been one of my favorite colors for a long time but more on the burnt orange side of the spectrum. I have been leaning towards red-orange and pale orange lately and I honestly believe that that might be the next sage trend. I think it’s so complementary to all skin types and I just feel good when my nails look good. Ideas on my Pinterest.

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