Spring & Summer ’21 Trend Forecast

Spring and Summer are upon us babe! I am so excited for warmer weather (even though I am loyal to the Fall/Winter season and fashion). I think that most people thrive in the warmth and liveliness of the Spring and Summer and I am here to share my trend forecasts so you can live your best lives. I will be covering 4 areas: Fashion, Beauty, Accessories, and Aesthetics. Let’s get into it!

Mood Board (Screenshot of my Pinterest Board @mxdisonyoung):

Fashion Forecast

Colors: I am seeing so much sage and pink. The color combo was typical in almost every stage of fashion development throughout the years including muted and pastel tones on women in the 50’s-60’s (think Jackie O.) to more middle ground variations in the psychedelic patterns of the 70’s and even into neons in the 80’s. I am also seeing a lot of neutrals, which isn’t out of nowhere, but more deep browns and using animal print as a neutral. I believe this trend will carry on for a while.

Styles: Halter tops are back with a vengeance. You will see crocheted halter tops with 70’s mod inspired prints on every Instagram model this summer. Slip dresses will also remain popular but with more color variation. There is also an abundance of terrycloth matching sets that I am here for. A lot of cottage-core dresses and easy prints and colors. This seasons fashion is easy, wearable, and comfortable. Linen and breathable fabrics are in and the color spectrum continues to run pastel with neutrals and a lot of white. Mini-dresses, matching sets, and easy one piece outfits are in. It’s all easy and wearable.

Outfit Inspiration:

Mood board by Me

Where to shop:





Beauty Forecast

Skincare: This Spring and Summer season will have an emphasis on good, glowy skin. Skincare is all the rage right now and peels and sunscreen are IN. I highly recommend trying a retinol and moisturizing heavily at night so you wake up dewy and glowing.

Makeup: I don’t see any new makeup trends cropping up just yet, a lot of the same natural fox eye looks and tinted moisturizers rather than full coverage foundation. I don’t like to worry too much about makeup because each person is so unique and makeup is such a personal thing. Wear what makes you feel good.

Who to get skincare advice from:

  • Your dermatologist
  • Skincare by Hyram on Youtube and Tiktok

My favorite skincare products:

  • Supergoop sunscreen
  • The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid
  • The Inkeylist Retinol

Accessories Forecast

Hair: Barrettes are back baby. I am also seeing a ton of headscarves as well as claw clips. Keeping your hair protected and out of your face is the new trend. It’s all very mod, very 70’s and also very Y2K. Pick your poison and experiment with all kinds of hair accessories this summer! The headscarf is my personal favorite.

Made by Me

Jewelry: Waist chains are back! They look super cute with bikinis but make sure you are not ordering and wearing waist beads if you are not respecting the African culture they come from. Waist chains and waist beads are different so make sure you are doing your research and appreciating not appropriating.


Shoes: Square-toed sandals are in. Very Carrie Bradshaw in the summer vibes. I personally really love them and think they are a very easy way to incorporate the Y2K style vibes into your wardrobe without going full low rise jeans and chunky highlights. I am also seeing a ton of platform boots and heels. Very gogo.

Made by Me

Aesthetics Forecast:

Aesthetics are very personal and most people are a blend of different aesthetics. I took note of where people were drawing the most inspiration from in fashion and accessories and came up with 4 key aesthetics that you should look to for inspiration this Spring and Summer:

CottageCore: A lot of fairy-ness, rolling hills, cool summer breeze drifting in through linen curtains of a hobbit house vibes. Very light, a lot of dresses, braids, and relaxing leisurely outside.


A summer In Italy: Lemons, salt air, hair-scarves, easy-breezy fashion, effortless luxury. I love this one and I think it is very achievable fashion wise.


Mod-60’s: Mini-dresses, gogo boots, graphic liner, orange and more warm tones color pallets, color blocking, and so much fun. I also really love this aesthetic and can’t wait to see what I make of it.


Y2K: Paris Hilton in 2005. Every character in Mean Girls, low rise jeans and bedazzled everything. You know the vibes. I hate this aesthetic personally, but it is very fun and you do you babe.


Disclaimer:This is not a comprehensive list of all aesthetics and styles, just some reoccurring themes I picked up on. Wear whatever the hell you want and rock it!

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