25 Things To Know Before You Graduate College

Graduating college is very exciting and terrifying at the same time. There is so much happening and your whole life is changing. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things adults are expected to know, so here are some things that will be helpful to figure out before you’re flung into the real world.

  1. Pick a classic book, read it, and then only ever talk about it at fancy dinner parties or when necessary.
  2. Know current events.
  3. Know how to make at-least 3 alcoholic drinks that aren’t made in a gatorade cooler in a frat basement.
  4. Know what dress codes entail (cocktail, black tie, white tie, business casual).
  5. Learn a little bit about the stock market.
  6. Know how to properly clean your space.
  7. Know how to change a tire.
  8. Know how to tie a tie.
  9. Learn a little bit about important artists and historical figures.
  10. Pay a little bit of attention to the arts.
  11. Know what taxes do and how to do them.
  12. Know how to start a savings account and the appropriate amount to put away every months for your level of income.
  13. Come up with one solid answer to “What are you doing after college” so you don’t panic every-time someone asks you.
  14. Know what to look for in a good apartment.
  15. Know what to wear in an office and what the right office lingo is.
  16. Find out the best questions to ask during a job interview.
  17. Set a daily routine for yourself.
  18. Watch at-least 5 classic movies as conversation starters.
  19. Know how to say no.
  20. Set boundaries for yourself professionally and personally.
  21. Know how to use Linkedin.
  22. Know how to send out thank you cards and keep addresses written down – send to family friends and job interviews.
  23. Know how to cook 3 signature dishes.
  24. Know how to set to yearly dental and doctor appointments.
  25. Know how handle rejection.

I hope these little tips help you on your way to adulthood!

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