My Amazon Wish List: Home Decor Edition

It’s almost that time of year where college students are decorating their first dorms and the newly graduated are moving into their first REAL apartments, how exciting! Room decor and designing an apartment/home has always been a love of mine. Being able to make a space your own and truly feel at home is such a wonderful and personal thing. I am moving into a new place at the end of August and I have spent around 90% of July scouring the internet and Amazon specifically for decor.

I would describe my style as all over the place. I like to take inspiration from so many things and I like to tie in my personal interests like Harry Potter or film. My only reoccurring theme seems to be warm tones, gem tones and neutrals. I am not a huge fan of blue or cooler colors just because that’s my personal preference! I like to play with texture as well so lot’s of velvet, carpets, gold, paint..etc.

I personally love these items which will all be linked below, but if they’re not your style then go do your own thing girl! To each their own, now let’s get into it.

Nothing is sponsored and it’s all my personal opinion and style!

  1. Bar Cart
Buy Here

The necessities come first on this list. I think a bar cart is such a fun way to serve alcohol and entertain. To me, it looks much more elevated than having Titos bottles on top of the fridge or in a cabinet. It’s also a great place to display flowers or art or decorate during the Holidays. I love the gold on this one and see myself bringing it to many apartments in the future.

2. Gold Catch-All Tray

Buy Here

I think a catch-all tray is a really over looked part of decor. We all have a junk drawer but what about something to put near the front door to catch things like keys, chapstick, notes, and any accessories you change out before you leave the house? It’s a great thing to have when you lose things easily or to put things like perfume on so you can spritz before you leave the house.

3. Matching Dish Set

Buy Here

Like many of you, I too have a ton of dishes that do not match. From years of random accumulation in college and people leaving stuff or getting gifts, either way, none of it matches. As a 22-year-old I just personally feel the need to get rid of those .50 cent cups from Target (which I love, don’t get me wrong) and invest in dishes I’ll take with me apartment after apartment. I love the black look and it really feels cohesive and elevated.

4. Bedside Tables

Buy Here

This is a given. I like these because they still have storage without being too bulky. I’m thinking long-term with these so I can move them easily. They also only have a small amount of storage which is nice because I’m the kind of person that will fill a drawer with random sh*t just for it to be full. The less space, the better.

5. Glass Miss-Matched Vases

Buy Here

I just think these are fun, lol. Plus you can never go wrong with fresh flowers.

6. Floor Lamp with Built-in Table

Buy Here

I love this lamp so much because I visualize it in a space that you usually get in smaller apartments where the couch doesn’t quite connect with the wall but there isn’t enough space for a table. I think this is the perfect fix to have a light and place a cup or your books!

7. Plant Waterer

Buy Here

A fun and aesthetic way to make sure your little green babies are getting their required amount of water everyday!

8. Desk Lamp with Edison Bulb

Buy Here

I don’t care if people think it’s cheugy, I love Edison bulbs. I also particularly like this lamp because I found that with standard desk lamps, late a night they really only create a spotlight or stream of light that doesn’t cover the whole desk, but with these the whole space is lit up. Therefore, you can pull all nighters in peace.

9. Record Player with Bluetooth Speaker

Buy Here

I have a lot of vinyls I never get to play at my apartment because I keep them at home, and this is a great fix to have a two in one! Now I can play my vinyls and have a speaker for parties!

10. Jewelry/ Coffee Table Tray

Buy Here

Just a cute little tray to put coffee table books on or use as a necklace and ring holder in your bedroom!

11. Coat and Shoe Rack

Buy Here

I am guilty of leaving my favorite coats on the back of a chair during the winter because I know I’ll be grabbing them again as well as leaving my shoes by the front door. This will help get rid of some clutter plus there is enough space for mine and my roommates stuff.

12. Blanket Ladder

Buy Here

I like to keep my apartment COLD. Like in the 60’s. It’s Florida, it’s hot, and I’m a big fan of sweaters, let me live. I know a lot of my guests are not a fan of how chilly it is so I intend to have a lot of blankets right next to the couch where they can grab them as needed. Pro-adult tip: shell out for Barefoot Dreams blankets, they are literally the best.

13. Glasses – Champagne

Buy Here

Something special for all of life’s accomplishments. Celebrate the little things, in a classy way.

14. Decanter and Glass Set

Buy Here

I think these are just gorgeous. I drink maybe twice a year but when I do I want it to be out of this. Plus, if you’re hosting for your boss or someone you want to impress, it’s nice to have.

15. Candle Holder

Buy Here

I just think these scream cozy. Plus, you can change the color of the candles out for each holiday and keep things warm and bright.

16. Chair with Ottoman

Buy Here

Saves space and comes in 7 colors? An apartment renters dream.

17. Grecian Bust – Vase

Buy Here

If your aesthetic has any hint of dark/light academia in it, you need these. It’s so regal and just gives off important vibes. I love this so much and with seasonal flowers in it? Gorgeous.

18. Clam Lamp

Buy Here

It’s fun, it’s campy, it gives you light. It does everything I need it to do. It’s so cute and the light that reflects off of the pearlescent paint is gorgeous. Why have boring lamps? Life is to short for boring light fixtures.

19. Hobby/Book Table

Buy Here

I plan on using this table to house all of my vinyls and have the record player on top. That way it doesn’t clutter much needed counter space and it allows me to have a designated area for something that is important to me. You can use this for things like books, journal supplies, displaying art, magazines, etc.

20. Bonus: Etsy Movie Travel Posters

Buy Here

I have said this once, and I’ll say it again: INCORPORATE MEDIA YOU LOVE INTO YOUR DECOR. If you love a certain movie, game, song, etc. I highly recommend going on Etsy and typing in “______ travel poster”. I have one in my bedroom for Harry potter and the three pictured above will go in my living room. Theres mine (Futurama), My roommates (Pokemon) and my other roommates (Apex Legends). I think they are just so cute and such a subtle way to give a nod to your favorite things without being cheesy.

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