Things You Need To Do Right Now: Declutter Your Life

This time of year right before the holidays and right after summer break can be a really hectic time. If you’re a student you probably just got settled in a new space, you’re finding a new routine, you have a million tabs open to figure out your new classes, I know the vibes. Well, post grad and non-student life isn’t much easier or any less messy. Here are some things you should do RIGHT NOW to declutter your space, your head, and your lifestyle. I feel so much better when everything is organized and I only have as much information as I need. Here’s what to do:

  1. Clean out emails and texts that have no purpose being in your inbox anymore

Having an excess amount of emails and texts can be really overwhelming when you need to see/send something actually important. My tip for this is to unsubscribe from emails as soon as you see them, if you don’t want anymore updates. I also suggest creating groups and folders for work or highlighting certain email addresses to make sure you always see their messages. Get rid of any texts from people you don’t regularly talk to and have no important information. It will make finding things much less overwhelming.

2. Clear out your download folder

I promise you, you don’t need those 9000 memes you clicked on last night at 2 a.m. Make sure you have saved and downloaded important things like syllabi or guidelines for meetings but go ahead and clear everything else out. This will make future downloads run more smoothly and make finding things that are actually important so much easier.

3. Create folders for everything then put all of your important documents into a system that works for you

You should have this already, but assuming you don’t, do it now. I have a folder for literally everything. It makes life so easy. I’m warning you now, this may take A LOT of time but it is so worth it. Have copies of everything from insurance to bills to work documents. Keep everything important and keep it organized. I have folders for work, home, blog, business, old stuff for my portfolio, misc. EVERYTHING.

4. Clear out your kitchen and pantry for expired items (and donate things you won’t use)

I have fallen victim to this many times. I buy things I think I’ll use, and I don’t. It clutters everything up and most of the time it’s not usable anymore. Throw out anything expired and donate anything that is still good that you won’t use. Ask local shelters and food drives what they need this time of year. Some items they always need but are often overlooked include: bagged milk, powdered milk, bottled water, sanitary products, first aid, and women’s health products.

5. Go through your closet and donate clothing you haven’t worn and don’t plan to wear

I do this probably monthly and it always makes me feel better. Plus! You make room for new clothes. It’s a win-win. Never throw out clothes unless you have to, always donate them. Give them a second life.

6. Unfollow accounts that no longer align with your interests

This one is incredibly beneficial to my mental health. You scroll on social media so much more than you think you do, so make sure your feed is curated to benefit you. Unfollow people you hate follow or accounts that no longer fit your aesthetic. Don’t follow people that make you feel bad or envious in a negative way. Follow people that inspire you and teach you new things. Life is to short to feel bad every time you scroll.

7. Make a great big to-do list

I have a great big to-do list and it is titled as such. It’s all of the things I want or need o do with no timeline categorized. It’s things like learning a new skill or organizing something. It’s anything I have ever thought to do but didn’t have the time or don’t have the urgency to do right this second. It has helped me stay organized and see the bigger pi

8. Curate a playlist of songs you have consistently been listening to so you don’t have to jump around

Super simple and makes everyday life easier. Go do it.

9. Update your resume and portfolio and get rid of the old versions

This is so important for anyone looking to get a job. There is nothing worse than submitting an application to a job you really want and then realizing you didn’t send the right resume. You didn’t update it and put your best foot forward. Keep adding experiences and accomplishments. Keep making sure the format is easy to read and will get through electronic checkers. Make sure your portfolio is updated and shows your best current work. This is incredibly important. Also, have a standard cover letter that is editable and use that every time.

10. Create a schedule for things like subscriptions and bills

Just have all of your ducks in a row for monthly charges. You know they’re coming up, stop acting surprised. This will make sure you always have the money set aside and being late won’t be an issue so it won’t affect your credit. Do better.

Good luck on you declutter journey! I promise you’ll feel better having a literal and digital space that only serves you positively. Create room for growth.

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