First Quarter of 2022 Favorites

Welcome to my first post of 2022! I have been slammed this year and I am so excited to be back and blogging!

I am all about reinvention and creativity this year and I have been shopping around to bring things into my home and life that spark joy. Here’s what I found!

Home & Lifestyle

  1. Fun Cocktail Glasses

I am obsessed with colored glasses right now. I have some cheap options saved and some expensive options saved and I am in love with all of them. I think they’re so fun because they can change the whole mood of a drink. It can be fun and girly or dark and relaxing. Plus they look so cute on a bar cart if you have a specific color code! I personally haven’t pulled the trigger and bought any yet because I am struggling so hard on what color to buy! Stay tuned. For now, check out my favorite website to browse them on (or Amazon!)

2. Match Clouche’s

I use a lot of candles. Like a lot, and I really enjoy the act of lighting a candle after a long day or a deep cleaning session. These make the whole experience that much more luxurious. I love the way they look on my counter, they come in so many different colors, and are honestly just so chic and cozy. I got mine here.

3. Sphere Ice Cube Maker

I think these are just so chic. I add them to iced coffee, cocktails, or just sparkling water! It adds a luxurious element to someone thing you use every day! I got mine here.

4. Juicer

Listen, I know it’s cliche but as someone who loves veggies and fruits but can’t seem to always fit in the preferred amount, juicing is awesome. You can add the juice you make to cocktails to add immunity boosts, use the juice instead of water in smoothies, or just drink it normally like I do! It’s super easy to juice and really doesn’t take that long. The prep is a little tedious but if you only make a little at a time it’s not bad. Here are some recipes I enjoy:

5. Heirloom Tomato Candle

Hey, I am trying to have a hot-girl-in-Italy-summer, ok! I am talking sundresses, linen, open windows, the soundtrack from ‘Call Me By Your Name’, and yes, this heirloom tomato candle. Not only does it smell good but it’s soy wax which is better for you than regular wax, it also comes with a dust protector that you can plant and grow plants with! How cute! I got mine here.

Health & Beauty

1. Eminence Probiotic Face Wash

For some reason, my face has been breaking out so bad, and obviously, I’m not a fan of that. I decided to try this cleanser and it is SO GOOD. My face feels amazing but! I have dryer skin and you really need to moisturize after using this. I slug at night with Aquaphor and doubled my moisturizer in the morning. Everyone’s skin is different but that’s what I have discovered works best for me. I get mine here.

2. Ice Roller

Does ice rolling actually do anything? I’m not sure. Does it feel amazing and help wake me up in the morning? Yes! I do see some de-puffing going on after I use it but don’t expect Botox results. But it does feel so good!

3. Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara by Tarte

I have never loved a mascara quite like I do this one. It separates and lifts and does all of the things I want it to do while not flaking all day. I feel like mascara is such a personal thing and literally everyone has a different favorite so you might hate it, but if you’re in the market for a new one, give it a try! Get it here.

4. Lush Bubble Bars

This one is a fairly recent purchase, but not a new one if that makes sense. I recently re-discovered these after being obsessed with them in middle school. I love the smell and any time spent relaxing in a warm bath is time well spent for me. It’s inner child healing and self-care for the physical body as well. I get mine here.

5. Fenty Gloss Bomb

I was never a gloss girl until recently just because of sticky texture issues (hair getting caught you know the vibe) but this!! This product is so good. It moisturizes and gives such a good amount of color while not being sticky. If you’re anti-gloss like I was I 100% recommend trying this out, I promise you’ll love it. Get it here.

Misc. & Things I Just Have Been Enjoying Lately

  1. 50 oz. Water Bottle

The way I drink water is ridiculous because I drink so much of it so this water bottle is perfect for me. I just need to at least drink 2 a day and I know I am getting optimal water intake! It’s so much easier than counting random 8 oz glasses throughout the day. Plus, it’s cute and comes in so many colors! I also love how it comes with a lid, straw, and handle. Here’s where I got mine.

2. Easy Breezy Linen Dresses

I am loving linen this season! Maybe I am being influenced by the TikTok girlies this year but summer fashion is finally sounding appealing to me. The idea of lounging around my house in a sundress just sounds ideal. Here’s my current favorite.

3. LemonCello Lacroix

I don’t know what to tell you other than I can’t stop drinking it. It’s great by itself. it’s great with vodka, it’s perfect. Very summer, very refreshing. No link, just go grocery shopping lol.

4. The “A Court of Thorns and Roses” Series

I love reading series because I love revisiting characters. I re-read all 10 books of the Percy Jackson series every year simply because it makes me happy. This series is like a more elevated version of that feeling. It’s very adult, very exciting, and I am obsessed. I am currently on book three and cannot put it down. I got mine at Barnes & Noble.

5. Stacking Rings

I was never a ring girl until I realized the power that rings girls held. I have never seen a ring girl look disheveled or not throw on a look. I think the rings are the key to pulling it all together. Even if it’s not, I still think they look cute and add something more to my everyday look. I got mine here.

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